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Senior project help

Hi everyone, this is Brittany (meticulousplanning), and I’m starting my senior project for my university. This project requires feedback from as many people as I am able to get. I’m doing my final project on cancer, but more specifically cancer survival stories and stories of remembrance for those who lost the fight to the disease.

If this is something you or a loved one has dealt with and you would like to share their story, please continue reading below the line. If not, I would appreciate it if you could possibly reblog this so others may be able to see this. Thanks and enjoy the rest of your day!!! :)

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some Disney boys (◕‿◕✿)


free them


free them




Now that’s what I call justice 

the fifth one down though. How fucking dare you try to learn another language that could help you in your future occupation? Because we all know that you’re learning it for not that reason and not because your education requires it or because you actually want to learn another language. gOD FORBID WE HAVE EDUCATED PEOPLE WHO SPEAK DIFFERENT LANGUAGES ON THIS FUCKING WEBSITE

excuse me do you mind not breathing this air? it’s been breathed by other nations and cultures for generations and you’re culturally appropriating this atmosphere, thank you

"DC fans are just angry because 8 Marvel movies come out in-between each Batm- I mean DC movie."

Best youtube comment I’ve ever seen

I’ll stop reblogging this when it becomes irrelevant which will be never. 

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Yo its’ okay if you’re a white girl who likes Uggs and spray tans and pop music and instagramming your Starbucks. Don’t let tumblr make you think for one minute that liking things like that makes you inferior.

Same goes for if you’re a hipster trans mexican/japanese Pizza Underground enthusiast with a hello kitty neck tattoo.

If you’re not hurting anyone, you be you. There’s nothing wrong with that.



other things that i could do instead of murder if crime was legal like in the purge

- trespass celebrity homes with some coffee or something and gifts for them

- run up on stage during a broadway show and just join in

-bootleg broadway shows

- rob a bank to be able to see those broadway shows

- steal a lot of macaroni and cheese from the grocery store


Knowing his godfather will not approve of skipping class to see The Bent-Winged Snitches, Teddy Lupin calls for some spiritual intervention.


Justin Bieber’s lawyer probably




what i know about straight boys

  • they’re dirty
  • they like rating girls on 10
  • they’re scared of hair



Oh my god! Brilliant!! hush-hush-hiddlestoner takepainsbeperf nmimind rapt-goddess enchantressofloki ibrakefortomhiddleston mamabear0772

Oh I love this!